How I became an author

There had been quite a lot of pet projects as far as I can remember, but none stuck around and felt home as much as this. Surprisingly went through, the whole 9 yards with developing this book, but of-course with immense help from the closest people around me & my wife.

The catalyst became; the idea to plant the seed of how human actions affect animals, us and certainly our home – our planet, into children early on as they’re growing up and developing mentally and physically. To be able to put in an inquisition – a train of thought that might lead them to be more empathetic towards the ecosystem that surrounds them and reciprocate an impact symbiotically.

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A year of hard work while learning to actually illustrate (considering I had never done something like this before) and being one of my worst critics, helped surpass any inhibitions; since the constant going at it pace, helped create a formative, constructive flow, leading up to what the actual finished product looked like.

I’m only human :)

I do thank everyone who not just supported me, but also helped me improve the idea, whilst shaping it in to what it is today. Since, I myself would’ve not been able to pull this off all alone. I’m only human :)


find the book here:

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