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How I became a children’s book author

There have been numerous pet projects over the years, but none have felt as much like home as this one. Surprisingly, I saw this book project through to completion, thanks in large part to the unwavering support of those closest to me, especially my wife.

The catalyst behind it all was the idea of planting the seed early in children’s minds about how human actions impact animals, ourselves, and ultimately our planet—the place we call home. The goal was to spark an inquisitive train of thought that might lead them to be more empathetic towards the ecosystem that surrounds them and to reciprocate this impact symbiotically.

The child who inspired the book "Your Trip" is holding a copy of it.
The child who inspired the book “Your Trip” is holding a copy of it.

It was a year of hard work, especially as I learned to illustrate from scratch (considering I had never done anything like this before) and became my own harshest critic. However, the consistent effort and constructive feedback helped to establish a productive workflow, resulting in the final product you see today.

In addition to creating the book, I ventured into the world of e-commerce by transforming our existing brand, AntBox Studios, into an online platform to sell our creations. I repurposed www.antboxstudios.com, originally used for design services, into a Shopify website exclusively dedicated to selling our book and related merchandise. This journey taught me not only how to set up an effective e-commerce website but also the complexities of marketing a brand online. I quickly learned the challenges involved in driving traffic to our site and converting visitors into customers. Building and promoting our online presence has been a steep learning curve, but one that has enriched our entrepreneurial experience and strengthened our commitment to sharing our message.

I’m only human 🙂

II want to express my gratitude to everyone who not only supported me but also contributed to refining the idea into what it has become. I couldn’t have done it alone—I’m only human 🙂

find the book here:

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