Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking

In both cases, they can make certain tasks more efficient and accessible, but they don’t replace the core skills and creativity of the person using them.

In design, the computer is a powerful tool that can assist designers in creating digital artwork, layouts, and prototypes, but it doesn’t replace the designer’s creative vision, problem-solving abilities, or understanding of design principles.

⛵ Before embarking on the journey to master any design software, it’s crucial to establish a solid foundation in fundamental design principles. Often, when prospective designers seek design education, they inquire about the specific software they’ll be learning. While learning the tools may seem more enticing and immediate, this approach can inadvertently lead to a challenging and directionless path.

👨‍🎨 This mindset can set you on a lengthy and arduous journey, lacking a clear roadmap or guidance. It’s worth noting that many design courses, especially those focused on User Interface (UI) design, may prioritize tool proficiency over foundational design knowledge. However, in my perspective, UI design is inherently rooted in graphic design principles, making it a logical precursor to any UI design education.

👉 Consider the analogy: just as one should understand the grammar and structure of a language before mastering a writing tool, similarly, grasping the core principles of design is pivotal before diving into the intricacies of design software. This approach not only ensures a stronger design foundation but also empowers designers to create more meaningful and effective visual experiences.



"Envision boldly, then bring it to fruition. Design is a dynamic blend of creativity and problem-solving, intricately attuned to the mindset of its intended users, striving to be both purposeful and sustainable."

Reviews & Testimonials

“Curious mind, clean designs, consistent outputs. Sherjeel is a great product designer to work with. He brings in a great value due to his vast experience of working with consumer products and is always thirsty to strike best! He continues to stay open for ideas and his curiosity helped us to take initiatives like usability testing etc. I am sure he’ll be a great asset to any product!”

Mustafa Haroon  | Lead Product Manager – Sadapay | Pakistan



“Sherjeel has helped us out in designing UX & UI. He was a great communicator and always eager to learn and help”

Sanjo John  | Sr. Sales Engineer – Nabina Aluminium & Glass Qatar



“At Skip, Sherjeel worked closely with our Head of Product to successfully design our website, product dashboard and mobile app

Sherjeel leveraged his creativity, technical skills, and attention to detail to produce user-friendly designs that enhanced our platform’s user experience. He is adaptable, embraces new challenges, and consistently adjusts his approach based on feedback.

In addition to his design expertise, Sherjeel is a team player and effective communicator, actively seeking input and providing clear updates. Sherjeel always brings a level of thoughtfulness to conversations that our team enjoyed.

I know for a fact that Sherjeel will be a valuable asset to any organization needing a skilled and dedicated Product Designer”

Greg Knox  | Former COO, Chief of staff – SKIP United States



“I have worked with Sherjeel and found him creatively consistent, and professional”

Shehzad Ali  | Founder & CEO Get Licensed United Kingdom



“Sherjeel has helped us out in designing UX & UI. He was a great communicator and always eager to learn and help”

Bob Verhagen | Oprichter Buurtdokters – Samen beter in de praktijk Netherlands



“Sherjeel input and knowledge on how best to design mobile apps for the average user was excellent. He was prompt with his designs and was a great team player”

Colette Hendricks | Vice President, Clinical Operations at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital United States



“One of the best UX/UI designers I had the pleasure to work with”

Kenan Mobayed | Founder & Chief Ninja – Keno Hygiene Solutions UAE

UX laws serve as more than just a valuable resource for guiding informed design choices; they also act as a powerful defense against unproductive or detrimental alterations that could harm the overall user experience of a product. The significance of these principles in shaping your design stems from their foundation in validated research, rather than mere subjective opinions or personal anecdotes.
Sherjeel Javed

PaySa پیسا , payments ecosystem

Paysa-introA concept multilingual branding exercise leveraging the power of midjourney for imagery; forging the visual language of a payment app eco-system. This is one of those exercises that came to eventual fruition after a quick skirmish on Adobe illustrator and Figma whilst plucking relevant imagery from midjourney for photography. Thos extremely happy peeps are not hard to find on stock websites, yet easier to get the imagery you need if you know your prompt game (fingers/hands accuracy not guaranteed).