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I’ve had the privilege of working on projects that blend thoughtful design with practical solutions. Each piece reflects my commitment to understanding user needs and delivering meaningful outcomes for businesses. I invite you to view my portfolio to see how I approach design with humility and a focus on creating value for clients and their customers.


AI powered life management application (Concept)

An AI powered life management application concept
"Paysa" application homepage showcased inside an iPhone


Fintech ecosystem imagined for the Pakistani market


A shopping and lifestyle app.

Custom Plugged

Elevating Gifting to an Art Form

UX precision tools

Tools like wireframing, personas, journey mapping, and empathy mapping offer deep insights into user behaviors, needs, and interactions, empowering me to craft precise and impactful user experiences. I also harness the power of design thinking to optimize workflows, utilizing tools tailored specifically for the task at hand.


Personas aren’t dead. They still can play an essential role in UX design to embody fictional representations of target users based on research and data. They capture key characteristics, behaviors, needs, and goals of specific user segments.

Customer Journey

Mapping the customer journey involves understanding user behavior at various touchpoints within a product. It helps optimize goals like conversion and retention by identifying user pain points and improving overall user experience based on insights gathered from the journey.

Flow mapping

Flow mapping in UX is crucial for developing a module within an app or digital product. It visually outlines the sequence of user interactions and tasks, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. By mapping out the flow, designers can identify potential bottlenecks, optimize transitions between screens, and streamline the user journey. This process ultimately leads to a more user-friendly and efficient module that aligns with user needs and expectations.

A/B Testing or Control and variation testing

A/B testing, also known as control and variation testing, compares two versions (A and B) of a webpage, app feature, or marketing campaign to determine which performs better based on user behavior metrics. I frequently use this tool to quantify and optimize designs based on evidence, ensuring maximum impact for the metrics being measured.


Essential for visualizing and refining the structural layout of a digital product before diving into detailed design. It helps focus on functionality, supports iterative design iterations, and facilitates effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, ultimately leading to a user-centered and well-organized final product.

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