Tulle Installation ‘The Dance’ by Benjamin Shine

The tulle work explore ideas of impermanence and a sense of the fleeting moment conveyed through the inherent qualities of the delicate material. This latest installation ‘The Dance’ takes the medium to new limits through a series of suspended tulle sculptures.

The installation explores the idea of creativity as a powerful yet brief force of energy from which humans are born and able to perpetuate through artistic expression. A white circular vessel releases a smoke-like plume of coloured tulle high into the air, engulfing the ceiling above. Charged with passion and energy, two faces take form, bursting from the source as if manifesting momentarily as the energy flows on through their dance.

Constructed from over 2000 metres of tulle, each sculpture is created through a process of pleating, layering, compacting and hand-sewing the material into shape. Relying on the structural properties of the fabric alone, the works are entirely made of tulle and thread. Details of the faces and figures are only revealed through the contrast created by the back-lighting.

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